Core Values:

Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness (LAF)

Everyone deserves a chance to be loved, accepted, and forgiven.

Follow, Believe, & Obey (FBO)

It’s OK for people to simply follow before believing or obeying anything. Jesus was OK with it…so should Jesus’ church. So come follow!

Make it better!

We value everyone’s thoughts on how we can improve how our Church is doing in our effort for everyone to experience God’s love through our lives.

Presume Positive Intent (PPI)

Starting off presuming someone didn’t intentionally mean to hurt or harm us is the best way to maintain unity and work toward reconciliation. Starting with negativity will only cause further harm and hinder efforts to reconcile.

Mutual submission.

Whoever is in charge is in charge regardless if their title is inferior to someone else. We are not a pastor led church but rather a leader driven church.

We're better together!

Isolation is a sure path to defeat and depression. We all need community, transparency, and authenticity.

No toes.

We have no toes…meaning we value anyone speaking in to what we are doing and offering feedback that makes us better. We don’t have to tread lightly in doing so, but as always, sharing the truth with love.

Application not just information.

We value application because spiritual maturity is ALWAYS gauged by how we live, not by what we know. We are saved by grace and that grace should cause us to live differently.

Relationship over religion.

Love God and love people. It’s all about relationship! Religion only hurts seeing God as personal and available.

How many can we include?

We value getting as many people involved in serving as humanly possible. We value getting out of the way so more people can put their gifts on display.

Everyone wants to be known and needed.

We value building community because without it we feel lost and unimportant.

See it, say it!

If you see something, say something. Feedback is important and so too is your voice. As usual, deliver it with love.