Welcome to Crossroads Christian Fellowship. Love God. Love people. It’s that simple!

Here at Crossroads, we want you to feel welcomed and accepted. We want to make it easy to meet Jesus as we worship, pray and study God’s Word. It might help to know these things about us;

We believe you are significant, and that you have God-given worth and value. You can grow here. We are working together to become the people God intends us to be. We will help you to do all that God asks you to do, and will never lead you to actions which violate either Scripture or conscience. You will be well cared for here.

We are a family, sharing one another’s successes, helping each other beyond our failures, and celebrating life together. You belong here. At CCF, no one stands alone. Wherever you are in life’s journey, you will find people here who will stand with you.

~Pastor Robert Guiller